Dale Grant

By constantly experimenting with his artistic style, Dale Grant has turned himself into a celebrated photographer who is fast-developing a worldwide following.

International man

Dale Grant was born on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas. He has lived in global cities such as London and New York and currently splits his time between Berlin and Amsterdam. Grant even earned a master’s degree in international relations, but he decided to pursue a career in photography instead.

Experimental photographer

Dale Grant artwork 1
Dale Grant’s work includes fruit and flowers with Neo-Classical inspired lighting.

Artistic portal Saatchi Art writes that at present, Dale Grant works as an artist and commercial photographer. His photographic output encompasses the fashion, portraiture and still life genres. Grant’s still life work includes a number of subjects including flowers, especially tulips and fruit.

Grant is particularly interested in lighting. Influenced by the lighting in paintings from the Neo-Classical period, the Dutch photographer often experiments with lighting when creating his pictures. This allows Grant to bring his subjects’ complexities to the surface with every picture he takes.

Dale Grant is an incredibly playful photographer. He constantly changes the arrangements of his subjects, creating extremely vibrant, interactive pictures which contain layers upon layers of hidden meanings. The Dutchman is also a painter, who is known for playing with the abstraction of dots and circles when working the canvas, in order to create very innovative pieces.

Acquiring acclaim

With this playful approach to art, Dale Grant is fast acquiring a devoted fan base. His fine art prints have been sold to private collections across Europe. The Dutch artist has also held exhibitions of his works in major European artistic centres such as London and Berlin.

A number of his photographic creations were displayed at the Banner Gallery, Berlin in 2015 and 2016. Meanwhile, Grant’s fashion works have been showcased in a range of prestigious publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Men’s Health and Esquire. The Dutchman has also worked on advertising campaigns for the likes of Chloe Fragrances, Tommy Hilfiger and Monet Jewellery.

One to watch

Throughout his life, Dale Grant has engaged with a range of cultures and societies. By drawing on his rich life experience, the Dutchman creates really experimental photography, which plays with light and composition to entrance the viewer. With this approach, Dale Grant is quickly becoming one to watch in the world of still life photography.

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