Polina Plotnikova

No modern photographer is more passionate than Polina Plotnikova. Harnessing her enthusiasm for artistic beauty, Plotnikova creates images which draw viewers into engagement.

Inspired by passion 

Polina Plotnikova artwork 1
Polina refers to herself as a ‘perfectionist’

Polina Plotnikova is a Russian-born artist that lives and works in the UK. Polina loves and knows a lot about modern art which has allowed her style as a photographer to evolve throughout her career, as she embraces new technologies and mediums.

She is an accomplished still life photographer. Polina’s still life works encompass an array of subjects from fruit to flowers to objects such as skulls and books. The Russian-born photographer is known for experimenting with the composition of her works, drawing inspiration from everyone from the Dutch still life masters of the 16th Century to the avante guarde artists of the modern day.

Drawing viewers in

Explaining her approach on her official website Polina says: “Modern technology equips you with some amazing tools that the artists of the past could not even dream of – but the main task is essentially the same: to draw the viewer in, so that they can share your vision and tune into the emotions that you are trying to convey.”

Plotnikova admits that she enjoys still life photography work because she is a “perfectionist.” When working with inanimate objects, you cannot count on something interesting happening. You have to make choices which compel viewers to engage with your art when composing your shots, so they connect with your work. By constantly evolving her style and experimenting, Polina manages to achieve this aim with her works, allowing her to become a popular modern photographer.

The Russian-born creative freely admits that she has a penchant for capturing flowers on camera. When working with a flower, Polina strives to find its unique look by analysing its mood and character, so she can introduce viewers to the hidden beauty locked within. On this, she says “I try to lift a flower off its typical setting and put it into indeterminate space, where its beauty can be seen in all its purity.”

Award-winning photographer 

Throughout her career, Polina Plotnikova has turned herself into a celebrated photographer. Her works have been featured in illustrious publications such as Dodho Magazine and the BBC. The latter showcased Plotnikova’s pictures when she became a category winner in the 2016 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards for Unstill Life. Polina has also won many other awards for her work.

Polina Plotnikova’s enthusiasm for art, beauty and creativity is practically infectious. She strives to bring the unique elements of her subjects out in every picture she creates, allowing her to create deeper appreciation for art in those who engage with her picture. By adopting this approach, she has won legions of fans, as well as awards, across the planet. Polina Plotnikova’s still life pictures are available for purchase online via her website.

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