Matthew Greenburgh

UK-based fine art photographer Matthew Greenburgh has an unusual approach to still life photography to explore ideas about death and beauty and their representation.


Matthew Greenburgh is a late comer to the world of art. After graduating from Oxford University, he carved out a successful 28-year career in the global financial services industry.

Performing a complete volte-face, Greenburgh decided to give up his distinguished career in favour of becoming a creative artist.

Fine art photographer 

Matthew Greenburgh: Admetus
Matthew Greenburgh focuses on leaves

He has since gone on to develop a promising career as a fine art photographer. Matthew’s unique approach to photography primarily focuses on large format ‘still life shots’ which boast strong aesthetic and symbolic elements.

Greenburgh has been recognised as having a unique contribution to make in this area. His compelling ‘still life’ photos have been sold to a range of private collectors in the UK and internationally. He has also held a solo showcase with the Atlas Gallery, a fine art photography exhibition space in London, and displayed his work in a show at Gallery Different, a commercial space for art, photography and media located in the same city.

Exploring beauty 

Matthew’s work is inspired by the early 17th Century Dutch ‘still life’ movement. This artistic school strives to display everyday objects with a glaring sense of reality, to provoke profound contemplation of the underlying themes that underpin the piece. The Dutch ‘still life’ movement has inspired a range of celebrated photographic artists including Sharon Core, Bas Meeuws and Paulette  Tavormina.

UK-based Matthew is particularly devoted to depicting the stark brilliance of “greatly enlarged autumn leaves” in his pieces. Commenting on his work, Greenburgh writes: “I aim to explore with my pictures the beauty that can sometimes be associated with death and the presence of death in beauty. I also seek to explore some of the means by which one work of art can be derived from another. Above all, I hope that the pictures strike the viewer as being beautiful in a surprising way.”

View his work 

Since quitting the City for the life of an artist, Matthew Greenburgh has been noted for demonstrating that beauty can still have a role in the contemporary art sphere. Visit his gallery website to explore the fine art photographer’s wide collection of enlarged autumn leaf stills and find details of upcoming exhibitions of Greenburgh’s work.

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